Why should I get Anti-Reflective Coating on my glasses?

Anti-reflective coating is one of the most misunderstood beneficial coatings available for ophthalmic lenses. Anti-reflective coatings are available on TV’s, laptops and Cell-phones. It is easy to immediately understand the benefit on these devices.  It would be nearly impossible to look at a cellphone outside on a sunny day if the screen did not have anti-reflective coating. However, the benefits of having anti-reflective coatings on ophthalmic lenses may not be understood by everyone.

Not All anti-reflective coatings are created equal.

Just like there are different brands of shoes, tv’s, cars, etc.  there are numerous different manufacturers of anti-reflective coatings.  Not all manufactures produce equal products.  Anti-reflective coatings have evolved overtime and the newer coatings have advanced compared to coatings 10 or 20 years ago.

Our doctors recommend Crizal Anti-Reflective Coatings due to their continued excellence and performance.

Crizal Anti-reflective lenses increase visual acuity, decrease the effects of a poor aberration value, contain UV coatings to protect against harmful ultraviolet light  and have a superior scratch coating. We always recommend this coating to individuals of all ages and all prescriptions.  You will see better with a good anti-reflective coating.

Allowing more light to enter the lens drastically increases visual acuity and decreases visual fatigue.

  • 20% sharper contrastso a driver can see objects clearly
  • Up to 5 seconds fasterrecovery time (bright headlights for example) and 30% wider fields of vision for safety.