The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a yearly dilated exam for any person that is over the age of 50 and every 2 years if younger. Most people believe that they need to have special eye coverage or a vision plan to be screened. Almost every exam is actually covered by your health insurance. The vision plans are mainly for getting glasses covered or possibly contacts. There are so many preventable eye diseases, but one particular I would like to talk about is Glaucoma. Glaucoma causes permanent irreversible vision loss, but it can be prevented with early detection. The problem is that it is asymptomatic until it is too late. There typically are no symptoms of high eye pressure. Glaucoma damage starts by taking away your peripheral field which usually goes unnoticed until advanced disease. Our screening can catch glaucoma early and prevent permanent vision loss. This involves visual field testing, eye pressure measurement, and examination of the optic nerve. If diagnosed with glaucoma, treatment can be as easy as one eye drop in both eyes daily. For those of you don’t like eye drops, there is a in office laser treatment that can be substituted. Glaucoma is just one of many treatable eye diseases making it very important to have a yearly eye exam.