Dry Eye Management

Office Park Eye Center is an Accredited Dry Eye Center. We have been trained and certified as a tear testing laboratory. TearLab Osmolarity testing is the gold standard for the diagnosis and management of Dry Eye Disease (1). TearLab testing is a non-invasive laboratory test performed in the doctor’s office with instant results. The test only requires a sample of tear film as small as the size of a period at the end of a sentence.

Tear film is a very important part of the function of the eyes and vision. Tears not only act as a lubricant, they also provide protection to the eyes. Tears are able to flush out dust, debris, and other foreign objects. They also act as a neutralizer for microorganisms which try and take residence on the eye’s surface. The tear film is able to provide great benefits to the eyes. Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable and cause daily living activities to be almost impossible. Not only are they uncomfortable, but it puts the eyes at a higher risk of developing infections or having an injury.

Many patients are able to use over the counter artificial tears to get relief of their symptoms and make their eyes more comfortable. Dry eyes can occur for many different reasons such as: aging, hormonal changes in women, side effects of diseases or medications, and more. Dry eye syndrome is defined as the eye’s inability to produce an adequate amount of tears to properly protect the eyes. The tears can also be drained or evaporated off of the eyes too quickly due to a poor quality tear film. Although there are many factors that play in the role of diagnosis with dry eye syndrome, it may be something that can be cured completely. If not able to be cured, it may be possible to manage the symptoms.

We offer many different treatment options to help with the comfort of our patients’ eyes. There are many different products that can make a huge difference in the comfort of your eyes. We offer the ones our doctors have found to be the most helpful and that studies show are most effective. Dry eye syndrome also can be combined with a condition known as Blepharitis. This can cause itching, burning, and watering of the eyes as well as irritation and discomfort to the eyelids. We offer Retaine products which can be used to help moisturize and sooth the eyes. We also offer Occusoft products that are used to clean eyelids and can be used as a daily regimen to help prevent the return of Blepharitis. Avenova is one of the newest products on the market for treatment of Blepharitis and dry eye syndrome. It can only be purchased with a prescription. We offer Avenova at a much more affordable price than retail pharmacies. Nutritional supplements are also available for purchase to aide in the role of dry eye treatment.

(1) 2012 TearLab Corp.